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Samples of Maqui plants:

Cavendishia tarapotania is a shrubby member of the Ericaceae from 1 to 2.5 m tall having red bracts and white corollas with pink or red tips; common name Zagalita.

Cavendishia tarapotana

A member of the Gesneriaceae, Allopectus bolivianus is a clambering shrub, which is sometimes epiphytic, and has yellow or orange flowers.

Alloplectus bolivianus

Blakea eriocalyx is in the Melastomataceae and is a shrub or tree to 15 m tall with corollas white or pink

Blakea eriocalyx
(photo by Jim Cooper, 1996)

Many additional images of the plants of the Reserva Maquipucuna are available via the Field Museum in two tropical plant rapid color guides:

         Many of these orchid images are also available on this website in the orchid portion of the updated Monocot list, courtesy of A. Reynolds and collaborators.

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